In 1920, Aeroclubul Regal al Romaniei (ARR) was founded at the initiative of Prince George Valentin Bibescu. In 1923, ARR becomes a legal entity and joins Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

Since 1991, the current form of organization is Aeroclubul Romaniei (AR), which is subordinated to the Romanian Ministry of Transport.

Aeroclubul Romaniei is a General Air Operator authorized by Romanian Civil Aviation Authority, with authorization license (AOA/LA 054) and has the following organizations:



1) Combined Airworthiness Organization Certificate – RO.CAO.0001

2) Maintenance Organization for Annex II aircraft, AZAC-00

3) Design Organization (AP-439), authorized on alternative procedures, by EASA in 2016

4) EASA Type Certificates holder  

              EASA.A.453 (IS Sailplanes) 

              EASA.A.113 (IAR-46S)

5) FAA Type Certificate holder

              FAA G40EU (IS-28B2)

              FAA G41EU (IS-29D2)