IS-29 D2

Language SB Description Revision Date Applicability
SB-IS-29D2-EO-01 Ensuring the Canadian airworthiness requirements. 936 20.07.1978 ALL
SB-IS-29D2-EO-04 Additional instructions concerning the check and the replacement of the control cables turn-buckle locks. 265 24.12.1982 ALL
SB-IS-29D2-EO-06 Safe Life and Service Life increase. IS-29D2 16.02.1985 ALL
SB-IS-29D2-EO-14 Increase of the safe life until the first overhaul. 077 01.06.2004 ALL
BS-IS-29D/D2-05-15 Extension of safe life over 35 years - 25.08.2011 Series 21 and up
SIL-AR-01 Quick joint Connectors (L'Hotellier Ball and Swivel) installed on IS Sailplanes 01 06.11.2018 ALL
SIL-AR-02 Inspection of the flaps control 01 15.10.2019 ALL
SB-IS-29D/D2-AR-01 Changing the maintenance program and cancelling of the life time limitation to all IS-29D/D2 gliders variants 01 19.04.2018 ALL
SIL-AR-05 Wings installation inspection 01 01.11.2021 ALL